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Commodore VT – VX Rear toe link conversion 12Th June 2002 Version 1.0

Copy of email posted to VT-VX owners on Whiteline’s Mail List ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To: Commodore VT-VX owners

Date: 12th June 2002

Subject: VT – VX Rear toe link conversion

VT – VX Rear link conversion

I would very much love to report some good news but unfortunately not… our development program for this item is now officially dead!

Why? Mainly cost but first we’d like to at least share some of the information we have learnt during the design stage that may help you understand the positives and negatives. Using this data, you may decide to still proceed with this modification however somewhat better informed as to the costs.

This information pertains to the VT series I/II IRS and VX series I with this range referred to as the earlier model. Only exception is the VT GTS that was supplied by HSV with the toe control link modification as standard. The latter models we refer to are VX series II onward. Main issues with VX II or VT II GTS (HSV) using toe control link as compared with earlier models;

  • Latter models use unique cross-member and lower control arms with relocated

pickup points and different inner bushings. This is done to achieve a better base line camber setting as well as providing mounts for the toe control link. New inner bushings are specially directionally voided for controlled compliance.

  • Using our data, base camber at standard ride height has been pulled back from a

range of – 1.75 to –2.25 degrees on the earlier platform to –0.75 to –1.25 degrees on the latter. Factory lowered models like SS and S will have higher base readings due to suspension movement arc. (Holden’s claims that up to the VX I chassis, rear static camber averaged –1.5 degrees. However, VX II average should be around –0.5 degrees *Source was Polk Autospec vehicle data.)

  • Contrary to Holden’s claims of better camber control for towing, we did not find

any significant improvement to dynamic camber using the new link other than a reduced base line.

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