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Commodore VT – VX Rear toe link conversion 12Th June 2002 Version 1.0

Copy of customers email discussing their experience with this modification containing additional useful tips.

From: Roger [mailto:XXXXXX@XXXXX.com] Sent: Wednesday, 12 January 2005 05:25 PM To: Support

Subject: VT - VX Rear toe link conversion

Just thought I'd comment on the following:

I was looking for a solution to scrubbing out the inside of the rear tyres every 14,000k on a VX 2000 model (Series I ??) SS Commodore. The problem was first noticed after there was a 300mm split in the right rear and the steel belts were poking out. A couple of tyres later I did some research. After reading your article and doing a few measurement of my own I decided to approach Holden with a few questions as to how they could design something like that. Naturally I got no joy, even from the upper echelons. So I did what you suggested...

I also have a VX Series II Executive (V6) and made the swap between these two vehicles as my Brother-in-law has a VX series I Berlina which doesn't exhibit any abnormal tyre wear, even without the toe rods. I attributed this to being fitted with normal profile tyres and only being a V6 (??) whereas the SS has low profile tyres and the Gen III (heavier foot).

To cut a long story short. As you noted, the rear end suspension bits are interchangeable (naturally we left the diff and axles, brakes etc), with the following to note:

The V6 has only one exhaust mount. The SS had to have one mount removed and welded onto the V6 suspension.

The Exhaust on the Series II SS from the cat back must also be different as it interfered with the left toe rod mount. This was fixed by removing about 8mm of the bottom of the mount and slightly recessing the pipe.

Other than that, no problem. One wheel alignment later and the results were that the SS no longer "dipps" under acceleration and the camber is pretty well static. The big surprise was that the V6 handles better (??). The SS did have a factory camber kit fitted but other than that I'm at a bit of a loss.

Still, never look a gift horse in the mouth..

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