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12    Marks and numbers, and origin of merchandise - marks, numbers, or other identification shown on the packages and the country in which the merchandise was mined, grown, manufactured, or substantially transformed. If the country of origin is not known, show the country of shipment as given in Item #10, "From (Country from which last shipped).".

13    Gross weight (kilos) - the gross shipping weight in kilograms for each Schedule B number, including the weight of containers but excluding carrier equipment. Report whole units. (Note: pounds multiplied by 0.4536 = kilograms)

14    Numbers and kinds of packages and description of merchandise and export license number - the numbers and kinds of packages (boxes, barrels, baskets, etc.) and a sufficient description of the commodity to permit verification of the Schedule B Commodity Number or the description shown on the validated export license.

15    Schedule B number - report only the first six digits of the 10-digit commodity number as provided in Schedule B - Statistical Classification of Domestic and Foreign Commodities Exported from the United States

16    Net quantity - report whole unit(s) as specified in Schedule B with unit indicated. Report also the unit specified on the validated export license if the units differ.

17    Value at time and place of export - selling price or cost if not sold, including freight, insurance, and other charges to U.S. port of export, but excluding unconditional discounts and commissions (nearest whole dollar, omit cents) Report one value for each Schedule B number.

18    Signature - signature of exporter or authorized agent certifying the truth and accuracy of the information on the SED

3.    Forms (Paper)

The SED for in-transit goods, Form 7513 may be obtained from local Customs District Directors; the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at (504) 862-1404 or email WCSC; or privately printed. Privately printed SEDs must conform in every respect to the official forms, including the use of pink paper.

4.    Preparation and Signature

The SED Form 7513 shall be prepared in English, typewritten or in other non-erasable medium. The original should be signed (signature stamp acceptable) by the exporter or his duly authorized agent. The agent's authority to sign the SED must be executed by a formal power-of-attorney or as authorized on the SED.

5.    Requirement for Separate SEDs Form 7513

A shipment is defined as - All merchandise moving from one exporter to one consignee on one exporting carrier.

Separate SEDs Form 7513 are required for each shipment.

Exporters may list more than one general license and validated license or a combination of general and validated licenses on the same SED Form 7513.

Where two or more items are classified under the same Schedule B number, the Schedule B number should appear only once on the SED with a single quantity, shipping weight, and value, unless a validated license requires otherwise or, the shipment consists of a combination of foreign and domestic merchandise classified under the same Schedule B number.

Shipments involving multiple invoices or packages should be reported on the same SED Form 7513.

6.    Presentation

(a)   The SEDs Form 7513 shall be delivered to the exporting carrier with the merchandise.

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