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The Irish National Committee for the European Year Against Racism wishes to acknowledge and thank DGV of the European Commission and also the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform, and the NGO’s for making this seminar possible.  Thanks to Philip Watt and Caroline Talbot for invaluable organisational assistance.

Ms. Cissi N. Storck, Ministry of the Interior, Stockholm, Sweden

Ms. Nel Lorsé-Bkaer and Jeannet Heijda, the Netherlands

Ms. Annemarie Dupre, FCEI, Rome, Italy

Panhellenic Cultural Association of Greek Roma/Athens, Greece

Save the Children, Athens

and all the members of the Irish National Committee for the European Year Against Racism, and especially the participants in the Leuven Seminar for their written and verbal contributions.

Finally, thanks to Noreen Bowden for word processing and administration;

Pat Pidgeon for layout and design.

John O’Connell was requested by the Irish National Committee to write this report in consultation with some members of the Committee and representatives from a number of other countries.  The author wishes to thank all of those who assisted in the compilation of the Report and takes responsibility for any mistakes or inaccuracies contained in it.  The views expressed are not necessarily those of the Irish Committee or the European Commission.

Note on terminology:

Roma/Gypsies/Travellers: These terms are sometimes used interchangeably reflecting the commonality between diverse groups.  However, individual groups may prefer to use their own self-designated name.

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