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Can you tell us a little more about NOAH and your innovative collaborator – Water Transit Solutions (WTS)?

We truly were just part of this larger project with great organizations like NOAH and WTS. NOAH is a U.S.-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing medical and humanitarian relief to Haitians after natural disasters. Water Transit Solutions is an Atlanta-based company driven by the commitment to help ensure that people have access to clean water. WTS uses an innovative tracking system technology, jointly developed with AT&T, to manage the supply of clean water and ice during disasters or whenever they’re needed. The company has also adapted their processes to reduce the number of jugs and bottles used in their assistance efforts.

So how does this technology work?

In Haiti, the technology is Web-driven and uses both global positioning system (GPS) and general packet radio system (GPRS) technology to track and manage water inventories, equipment locations, equipment movement and water quality in real time. To get the system up and running, we are working with WTS to install asset visibility technology in Haiti. Asset visibility technology allows people to “see,” at least virtually, the water tanks and delivery trucks, which are in turn equipped with asset tracking technology. The asset-tracking technology uses a leading-edge machine-to-machine (M2M) technology solution provided by AT&T.

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There are centralized stations located in Port-au-Prince that fill the delivery trucks with up to 1,250 gallons of water per day. One truck can provide an estimated 2,500 people with clean drinking water.

M2M solutions pull together remote sources of information so that they can be managed centrally. They have a wide variety of applications. In the United States, AT&T’s M2M solutions have been used in building access control, health care, vending machines and meter reading.

You mentioned some other relief efforts and support that AT&T provided to Haiti. Could you elaborate?

We provided support to earthquake victims through a variety of programs and initiatives that included direct support for relief organizations, donating and coordinating the donation of wireless devices to help re-establish communications, and providing easy ways for our customers and employees to help in the effort.

Learn more about our work in Haiti and other Disaster Relief efforts at att.com/csr

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