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POWERING INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY b a n d g t o g e t h e r f o r s m a r t e r e n e r g y s o l u t i o n s T e l e p h o n e p o l e s . T h e y r e a f a m i l i a r s i g h t a n d o n e w i t h w h i c h A T & T i s w e l l acquainted—historically delivering dependable service through the wires connecting them. This year, however, we embarked on a project that looks to use them a little bit differently. It’s a project that today is transforming how we use existing infrastructure to bring renewable solar energy to our homes and businesses.

Clean energy technology company Petra Solar developed an innovative solution that captures the power of the sun and links its energy directly into the power supply grid. We’re proud to be providing communications and information technology that will be making it possible.

Petra Solar and New jersey’s largest utility, PSE&G, are working together to install nearly 200,000 solar power generating stations atop existing utility poles throughout the state’s six largest cities and 300 suburban communities. The units are expected to generate 40 MW of solar-driven power, and the systems will be communicating with the power grid using AT&T’s wireless network.

We’re proud to team up with AT&T to fully utilize the intelligence of our solution. SunWave™ units are mounted on utility poles and connected directly to the grid at the pole. This creates a highly efficient distributed solar generation system that also provides smart grid capabilities to our customers through real-time communications between the systems in the field and the utility control center. – Dr. Shihab Kuran, President and CEO of Petra Solar

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