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HEALTH IT n o v a t g f o r a h e a l t h i e r t o r r o w T h e r e a r e f e w t h i n g s m o r e i m p o r t a n t t h a n y o u r h e a l t h . B e c a u s e o f t h i s , w e a r e proud to work closely with health IT providers to develop medical technologies for the future to improve the quality of patient care and help manage costs.


AT&T Global Smart Messaging for Health Care Text messaging has a variety of uses, one of which is in creating more efficient and faster communication between doctors, health care staff, clinics, hospitals and their patients. AT&T Global Smart Messaging is a mobile messaging platform with a modular suite of integrated applications, including:

  • Reminder - An automated solution including confirmation to provide reminders of appointments,

procedures or other important events.

  • Campaign Manager - Manages opt-in and opt-out permissions for SMS and e-mail marketing.

  • Inbound - Useful tool to manage SMS queries, multi-question campaigns, voting, polls and surveys.

  • Staff Safe - Automates staff safety checks via SMS and confirms status and staff safety in the field.

  • Staff Match - Two-way communication tool that automates the process of contacting staff to fill shifts.

mHealth Solution from AT&T and WellDoc® AT&T plans to deploy an end-to-end solution around a cutting-edge mobile solution to help people with diabetes better track, monitor and manage their disease. The mHealth Solution enables patients to enter information, including blood sugar readings, into a wireless application that provides instant feedback and specific guidance based on clinical algorithms. Nurse managers and physicians can also use the system to track progress, and obtain decision-support on care pathways for the patient. AT&T, working with WellDoc, plans to introduce the solution in the first half of 2011 to a discrete number of AT&T employees suffering from diabetes. Thereafter, AT&T and WellDoc plan to offer the solution on an evaluation basis to HCSC, one of the largest health payors in the United States. The solution is scheduled to be made available to other insurers, disease management organizations and corporate payors later this year.

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