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According to the “The Telepresence Revolution,” by 2020, U.S. and U.K. businesses with revenues of more than $1 billion could cut the GHG emissions equivalent to removing more than 1 million passenger vehicles from the road for one year. Over the same period, those U.S. and U.K. businesses can also achieve economy- wide financial benefits of almost $19 billion.

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A sustainability program is only effective if it’s focused on those areas most important to our business success and our stakeholders. In 2008 we undertook a materiality assessment to prioritize our sustainability issues. In 2010, we updated our assessment to account for changes over the preceding two years. We worked with our consultant VOX Global to examine 44 sustainability-related issues and assessed their importance to our business and stakeholders. To do so, we called on several groups to provide insight, including: BSR (Business for Social Responsibility), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Saatchi and Saatchi S, and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), as well as multiple consumer and interest groups who provide insight from national and local perspectives.

We’re excited to work with AT&T to focus on the opportunities around climate change and how business has a key role to play in delivering the solutions that will help bring about a global transition to a low carbon economy.

  • Paul Dickinson, CEO, Carbon Disclosure Project

The issues that ranked the highest for us are company energy use, innovation, network reliability, customer privacy and data security and diversity. This assessment helps us establish our priorities and make sure our business activities are aligned with stakeholder priorities where appropriate. All 44 issues are plotted on the chart on page 76.

*Materiality as used in this report refers to the principle set forth in the GRI Guidelines and not to the legal concept of ‘materiality’ used in the federal securities laws.

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