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communications system by overloading it.  The conflict also saw myriad U.S. state-sponsored efforts to disrupt Milosevic’s command and control.46  Later the “Moonlight Maze” attacks of 2001became the most extensive computer attack aimed at the U.S. government to that point.  Allegedly state-sponsored Russian hackers penetrated DOD computers for more than a year to secure technology from U.S. agencies such as the DOE and NASA, as well as from military contractors and universities.47  But no country has ever before experienced a cyber attack on the scale of the 2007 assault on Estonia.  


Timeline of Estonian Cyber Attack

The first full-scale cyber attack on a state broke amidst a furious row between Estonia and Russia over the removal of a Soviet-era statue and war graves from the center of the capital city, Tallinn.48  Thousands of ethnic Russians Estonian rioted over the removal of what they view as a cherished reminder of wartime sacrifice.49  The majority of Estonians though viewed the statute as a symbol of a hated foreign occupation.  The majority of Russians did not.  In Moscow, a Kremlin-youth movement surrounded and attacked the Estonian embassy prompting protests from the U.S., NATO, and the E.U.  The main group behind the protests in Russia is the government-funded pro-Kremlin “Nashi su” (“Youth Movement, Ours!”), which was created in 2005 as an anti-fascist student group that has since grown to more than 100,000 members.50

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50 It is commonly thought that the group was formed as a reaction to the student protests leading to Ukraine’s Orange Revolution in 2004.  The official group website is: http://nashi.su/. Last visited: 4/18/2008.

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