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From Community Activism to Board Collaboration with ACBHCS…(Cont.)

abuse children, she also worked with the Diocese of Oakland and currently working in Tri-Valley YMCA; her interest in joining the board is to address the shortage of mental health services in Tri-Valley and she would like to know how to coordinate and identify available services and also to find service gaps.


From Community Activism


Maxine Oliver-Benson: She stated that she is very active in the community and she serves on 9 county boards and commission. She serves on the board to be able to help people who have mental health issues and are incarcerated in Santa Rita Jail and to continue advocating for her brother who has mental health issues and been in and out of the jail.

Ravi Sodhi: His background is from the corporate world and works as a consultant to various companies. He is interested in trying to get services for disabled in Pleasanton/Livermore area. His personal interest is about he role of optimism which he felt can play a significant role.

Dorothy King: She stated that 20 years ago she was involved in advocating for homeless to address issues around affordable housing and support services. She was involved in developing various programs e.g. Henry Robertson MSC and Dignity Housing West. She related that when her son developed mental health disability she had difficulty in getting treatment. She served on the board to continue finding services and also to develop better programs.

Sheldon Koiles: He expressed that it is difficult for him to tell his background by being a mentally ill person. He related some of the sufferings and achievements that he has experienced. His interests are to destigmatize mental illness and to have social inclusion so that consumers can be accommodated in the greater communities. He hopes to learn and share. He felt that people with mental illness should not suffer in silence, they need to be heard and he also believed that the mental health movement needs some focus and leadership that people can identify with similar to other movements.

Luvenia Jones: She related her own personal experiences and by being the personal advocate for her son who has schizophrenia she became actively involved in mental health and she wanted to learn more about mental illness. She felt that programs for adult ages between 30-40 are really overlooked. As a board member, her main goal is to be able to make a change in board and cares to help people move toward complete wellness e.g. provide program like WRAP and she would like to make a big difference for people with schizophrenia in their 30’s to get more help so that they can have some dignity.

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