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From Community Activism to Board Collaboration with ACBHCS…(Cont.)

the state level they are beginning to take from the MHSA funds which is something need to be watched carefully. She expressed that its really exciting to see the MHB filling its membership and has a diverse membership that can work with the BHCS Dept. to educate the community e.g. through PEI process there’s a significant funding for stigma and discrimination and social inclusion; Family Education Resource Center (FERC) which will be located in all regions of the county; programs for first episode etc. Ms. Majak stated that it’s really important to have a partnership with the board members and the community to come up with solutions and approaches in supporting people with serious mental health issues.

Rochelle Elias: She related that she grew up in Oakland and it was where she gained most of the wisdom she has now. She addressed that the community she lives now which is part of the Tri-Valley area is lacking mental health services. She related that when she was appointed to the board one of her motivations is to resolve some of the mental health problems in Latino community. She mentioned that she attended the Cultural Competency and Mental Health Summit in San Diego and some of the workshops that of interest r to have i.e. Transforming MH Services through Community Partnership; Reducing Stress of Caregivers and Cultural Competency to Work Towards Diversity. She would like to see some of those concepts of services happen in Alameda County.

Ms. Elias asked to have discussion on how the board can organize around issues that have been mentioned that are important to them.

Ms. Jones suggested that the board get together to discuss certain interests and certain issues.

Ms. King would like to see if the board can develop better programs and if the board can figure out how to educate the first responders like the police and the community as well

Ms. Elias felt that some of the issues that were addressed may not be within the work of the board though they can be address to various other committees e.g. addressing criminal justice issues to Criminal Justice Committee.

Ms. Jones stated that she is part of various committees of POCC but she felt that they don’t address her concerns e.g. board and care.

Ms. Elias felt that the board need to look at bringing staff to a higher level of responding to board inquiries and hoped that with the collaboration with BHCS the board can heighten the level of expectation of responses toward questions.



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