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From Community Activism to Board Collaboration with ACBHCS…(Cont.)

Action Item: Securing Board Consultation with William Rhett-Mariscal of CIMH to facilitate session on board organization and issue development

Mr. Koiles suggested that may be the Consumer/Family Committee can open up time for the public, make it like a town hall meeting to give public ample time to discuss or address their issues. He also felt that may be the solutions to some of the problems is not totally within the mental health system because from his experienced he got some help out of the mental health system e.g. educational system, faith based community, peace corps, etc. Ms. Elias asked for approval of securing a board consultation with William Rhett- Mariscal to facilitate a work session on board organization and issue development.

Discussion Item: Role of Consumer/Family Adhoc-Committee

Director’s Report

MHB Chair Report

Committee Chair Reports Public Comments

Mr. Koiles stated that he felt that the Consumer/Family Ad-hoc Committee could be a learning experience for the board to learn what the public has to say and be educated on what issues are affecting the community from a consumer/family perspective. He stated that the consumer/family committee still needs to decide when and where meet. Ms. Majak provided budget update:

  • BHCS Budget Task Force will meet on Tuesday, March 10th from 3pm-6pm

  • County and State budget-Ms. Majak stated that with the economy not doing too well it is affecting the county and the state budget significantly though the county is not clear yet what the full impact will be. She related that the state legislature has passed a couple of laws that resulted in an initiative ballots in May e.g. E1-ensuring funding for children mental health services and helps balance the state budget. What the state is doing is taking MHSA money and swapping it out to the state general fund in order to balance the budget.

  • MHSA funding update-there is a significantly profound drop in MHSA money due to a lot of millionaires are not doing well either. Ms. Majak felt that they should start planning now on how they will manage the drop in MHSA funding.

Ms. Elias made an announcement of an upcoming meeting re: stimulus package-$7.5 mil for programs for the homeless on Tues., March 17th. No reports were given. Ms. Hogan addressed the need for a town hall meeting; she presented a draft of her goals for the youth of Oakland and she related what she has experienced in John George.

Board Comments

Mr. Attaway provided an update re: Howie Harp MSC and thanked the BHCS Dept. for their support about the audit. None.

Meeting was adjourned @ 2:20PM



This action item was approved with 1 board member abstained.

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