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HELEN (birth named HELENE) DUKAS (1896-1982) was the longtime housekeeper and personal assistant of Albert Einstein (1879-1955), the world-famous mathematical physicist. Professor Einstein, whose ashes are not buried in the Cemetery, was a professor at the Institute for Advanced Study from 1933 until his death. S-20


WILLIAM F. DUNCAN (1878-1964) was superintendent of the Cemetery from 1923 to 1956. He was followed by his son, Edwin F. Duncan (1910-1972), superintendent from 1956 to 1972 and later succeeded by his son-in-law, Claude G. Sutphen, superintendent from 1972 to 1998. The current superintendent, Douglas G. Sutphen, son of Claude G. Sutphen, is a great-grandson of William F. Duncan. Q-15


JONATHAN EDWARDS (1703-1758), a Congregationalist minister, was the third president of the College for only thirty-four days in 1858, having died shortly after a smallpox inoculation. He was the leading Puritan theologian of his day and a prodigious writer of the Great Awakening which helped inspire the American Revolution. However, he is probably better remembered for his 1741 sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” concerning original sin and Almighty God’s redemptive love for the fallen. J-44


CHARLES ROSENBURY ERDMAN (1866-1960) was a professor at the Princeton Theological Seminary for thirty-one years, ten of which he also served as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church. In addition, he was moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church as well as a prolific writer and lecturer. The Seminary's Erdman Hall at 20 Library Place, the site of his home for fifty-five years, was dedicated in 1971 in honor of him and his wife. S-15


JOHN HUSTON FINLEY (1863-1940), a professor of politics at the University and president of several colleges, received many international honors for his accomplishments. He retired in 1938 as editor in chief of The New York Times. H-33


GEORGE H. GALLUP (1901-1984) was a distinguished statistician and journalist whose pioneering work in public opinion and market research set new standards. He founded the American Institute of Public Opinion in 1935, and he is especially remembered for his Gallup Poll of the American electorate. J-40


KURT GÖDEL (1906-1978), a world-class mathematician famous for a vast array of major contributions to logic, was a longtime professor at the Institute for Advanced Study, founded in 1930. He was a co-recipient of the Einstein Award in 1951. X-16


REX GORELEIGH (1902-1986), for many years a well-respected African American teacher with the Princeton Art Association, is known for his numerous paintings depicting the lives of migrant farm workers in the New Jersey area. M-19


ARNOLD HENRY GUYOT (1807-1884), a professor of physical geography and geology for thirty years at the College, studied the structure and movement of glaciers and initiated the scientific presentation of geography. He managed the meteorological department of the Smithsonian Institution, and his methodology for weather observation still stands. K-29


WILLIAM R. HAHN, JR. (1905-1980), buried in his large family plot is known for the epitaph on his flat headstone saying, "I told you I was sick." Thought to be in failing health, he ordered the inscription shortly before his death. J-24


CHARLES HODGE (1797-1878), a professor for fifty-six years at the Princeton Theological Seminary, was the author of the popular Bible Commentaries. Both his son and grandson followed in his footsteps on the faculty of the Seminary. M-41


ELMER GEORGE HOMIRGHAUSEN (1900-1982), an internationally known writer and lecturer, was professor of Christian education and subsequently of pastoral theology at Princeton Theological Seminary before becoming dean there in 1955. V-6


CHRISTINE MOORE HOWELL (1899-1972) was the first African American to graduate from Princeton High School. She studied chemistry in Paris and operated a highly successful hairdressing business with a wide clientele in her father's buildings at 4, 6, and 10 Spring Street. I-13

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