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JOSEPH ROSS STEVENSON (1866-1939) was president of the Princeton Theological Seminary from 1914 to 1936 as well as moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in 1915. He has previously been pastor at three churches and a professor of ecclesiastical history for eight years at McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. S-15


RICHARD STOCKTON, JR. (1764-1828), a lawyer and son of a signer of the Declaration of Independence, was a Federalist statesman who served his native New Jersey nationally, first in the Senate from 1796 to 1799 and then in the House of Representatives from 1813 to 1815. Known as “The Old Duke,” he failed four times to be elected governor of New Jersey. I-44


ROBERT FIELD STOCKTON (1795-1866), a naval officer and son of Richard Stockton, Jr., “The Old Duke” (#56), fought both slave traders and pirates. Commodore Stockton set up a civil government in California, helped establish Liberia, and was a United States senator (Democratic) from New Jersey from 1851 to 1853. He was also president of the Delaware & Raritan Canal. I-44


ELIZABETH S. THOMPSON (? -1852) and two of her five children, MARY and EUGENE, were among seventy-two people who perished when the Hudson River steamboat, Henry Clay, caught fire and ran ashore on 28 July 1852. The captain had ordered the safety valve on the boilers tied down and as illegally racing another steamboat at the time of the tragedy. L-36


JOHN RENSHAW THOMPSON (1800-1862) was a Democratic United States Senator from New Jersey until his death. At the age of seventeen he was a merchant in China and later the United States consul in Canton. N-40


WILLIAM G. THOMPSON (1840-1904), a staff officer in the Union army during the Civil War, was twice elected mayor of Detroit. K-36


PAUL TULANE (1801-1887), a Princeton-area native who became a highly successful dry-goods merchant in New Orleans and elsewhere, was widely known for his philanthropy toward Tulane University, the First Presbyterian Church, and numerous other causes. H-40


HENRY VAN DYKE (1852-1933) was a distinguished Presbyterian clergyman, popular professor of English at the University, and United States minister to Luxembourg and the Netherlands. He was also a novelist, poet, and editor whose fifty or so works include his Christmas story, entitled The Other Wise Man (1896), and  Fisherman's Luck (1899). J-27


JOHN VON NEUMANN (1903-1957) was a world-famous mathematician who contributed enormously to the fields of computer science, game theory, and theoretical physics. He was a professor at both the University and the Institute for Advanced Study. W-15


HOWARD B. WAXWOOD, JR. (1904-1977), one of the first African Americans to graduate from Princeton High School, became principal of the first integrated elementary school in Princeton, now the John Witherspoon Middle School, in 1947. K-15


ANDREW FLEMING WEST (1853-1943), Giger professor of Latin ("the gold standard of education") for forty-five years at the University, was the first dean of the Graduate School from 1901 to 1928. He committed his prodigious organizing and fund-raising talents toward the establishment of the off -campus, residential Graduate College, dedicated in 1913. F-30


CANVASS WHITE (1790-1834), the inventor of waterproof concrete, helped design the Erie Canal as well as several other major ones. In addition, he was chief engineer for construction of the Delaware & Raritan Canal and the Lehigh Canal. L-43


THOMAS WIGGINS (1731?–1801) was a physician whose bequest significantly enlarged the Cemetery. The large, old elm formerly behind his grave partially encircled several monuments belonging to his relatives and was one of the finest trees standing in the Cemetery. Dutch elm disease eventually destroyed the tree. F-45


EUGENE PAUL WIGNER (1902-1995) was a professor of theoretical physics for thirty-three years at the University. He shared the Nobel Prize for physics in 1963 for his principles governing the interactions of atomic nuclear particles. W-9

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