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Rick Borman President | Rayloc

GPC Manager of the Year

We are extremely pleased to name Rick Borman as the Genuine Parts Company Manager of the Year for 2009. As you know, this is the highest recognition bestowed upon a single individual in GPC, and Rick is certainly a worthy recipient.

Rick has been a part of the GPC family since August of 1984. During his first 10 years, he held many key positions within the NAPA organization and handled every position extremely well along the way. In August of 1995 he was selected to join the Rayloc Team, where again he was very successful in the roles he played and was eventually named President of Rayloc in 2006. Under his leadership, Rayloc has been completely repositioned and today it is a strong contributor to GPC. As a result of the fine job that he has done at Rayloc, Rick was promoted to APG Division Vice President – Southern Division in December of this past year.

We wish him great success in his new role, and we are mighty proud to recognize him as the GPC Manager of the Year for 2009!

President’s Award

NAPA Maine

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New Orleans


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