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San Felice has a long history, but we will concentrate on the recent past, beginning with the ... - page 14 / 14





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And Finally, The History

This is the last topic, because familiarity with Chianti's two thousand years of history is not necessary to understand the reality of a modern company like San Felice, which was born in its present form 40 years ago and is run by people who don't claim titles or more or less famous ancestors. But some

mention of the history of this corner of Chianti is necessary; the town was inhabited by the Etruscans -- tombs dating to the VI century BC will soon be open to the public in the immediate vicinity of San Felice -- and then fought over by Arezzo and Siena from the beginning of the VIII Century. In 714 the

bone in contention was dominion over the Church of San Felice in Avane, whose name become San Felice in Pincis in the XI Century. The people gathered around the parish church -- in 998 its status was

increased, and the certainty of the date indicates it is one of the oldest churches in the area -- a few dozens who made do with little and practiced subsistence farming. Then came the end of the wars between Florence and Siena and the establishment of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, and the arrival of

the House of Lorraine, but for the people of San Felice the patronage of the Cerretani family, Sienese nobility that lived here from the XV to the XVIII Century was certainly more important, as was the

subsequent arrival of the Taja Family, who carried out many of the structural modifications that still shape the hamlet today.

In 1968 the property was sold to a Milanese industrial company, which in 1978 turned it over to RAS, now of the Gruppo Allianz, which has always supported the business strategies of San Felice, and its growth and development. Allianz - RAS is interested in much more than just agriculture: Reception, with

the Relais, animal husbandry with the herds at Perolla, environmental protection with the relationships forged with the WWF regarding the Oasi San Felice in the Tuscan Maremma. That one of the most

important insurance-financial groups in the world should make a concrete display of its interest in environmental protection and prevention of global warming is truly a good sign.

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