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Cottonwood Heights Police Department Towing Services Rotation Policy

E. Robby Russo, Chief


March 15, 2011


The Cottonwood Heights Police Department (the “CHPD”) regularly makes calls for towing services to respond to accidents and impounds. We need to have a list of competent, qualified towing companies (“list”) who can provide professional tow services by rotation when called upon by members of the CHPD. The following information describes the requirements that must be met by tow companies that desire to be placed on the CHPD’s tow truck rotation list.

CHPD endeavors to provide necessary guidelines under its tow truck rotation system to maintain fair and equitable treatment to those allowed on the system. Applicants are only allowed to apply in May of each year with the companies being notified of their acceptance or denial and an operational period following the fiscal year of July 1st thru June 30th of each year. Companies wishing to be considered must complete and file with the CHPD a new Tow Truck Rotation Application each year or risk being removed from the rotation system.


It is not the intent of the Department to limit the activities of private businesses that provide a service to our citizenry. However, it becomes necessary to establish a manageable system that is compatible with police priorities, and to avoid complaints by everyone concerned.

Towing companies by necessity must ensure that assigned employees are both physically and mentally fit to perform necessary duties. Occasionally, the CHPD’s officers (“officers”) may direct tow truck operators to drive through or move against traffic. Great care must be exercised to avoid unnecessary traffic congestion. Without specific direction from officers, tow truck operators SHOULD NOT violate traffic laws.

It is the intent of this policy to provide an equitable system for rotation of calls. Response based on scanning of radio broadcasts, or routine patrolling, will not be tolerated.

Since the Utah Department of Transportation (“UDOT”), Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”), and Public Service Commission have regulatory power dealing with tow trucks, it is obvious that for towing companies to participate in this system they must maintain compliance with all necessary requirements.


Rotation Wrecker System

To be shown on the CHPD’s rotation system, a towing company must complete a letter of intent and meet all requirements.

Towing company owners, operators, employees and agents indemnify and save harmless the city of Cottonwood

NOTICE OF CONFIDENTIALITY: The contents of all Cottonwood Heights Police Department Policies & Procedures are confidential and for CHPD use only. The contents shall not be viewed by, or distributed by any method to, anyone outside the CHPD unless prior approval is given by the CHPD Chief of Police.

Towing Services

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