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Appearance: All tow trucks must be properly maintained with all current licenses, tags and permits. In addition, when responding to a call from the CHPD, all tow truck drivers must be well groomed, appropriately dressed, courteous, and professional. Failure to do so may also result in removal from the rotation list.


The towing company will ensure that all employees are properly trained to operate tow truck equipment as required by Utah law, and are capable of performing their duties in a lawful, safe, proper and effective manner. All tow truck operators will maintain a current Tow Truck Driver Certification through UDOT (Effective July 2004) (UDOT Rule 909-19-9).


The towing company shall tow all vehicles in accordance with current vehicle manufacturers’ or AAA club guidelines.

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    The towing company and its employees shall maintain a current and lawful status on all required insurance, vehicle registrations, certificates, licenses and medical cards and said documents will be properly issued in the name of the towing company or employee.

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    The towing company shall provide only those services that are necessary or requested and shall, at the time of the tow, provide the owner or driver (if present at the scene) of the vehicle a copy of the current rate schedule and the terms of vehicle recovery.

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    Tow truck drivers shall not leave the scene of a rotation call without being released by the officer in charge and until all debris, oils, and vehicle fluids (including all absorbent material) have been properly removed from the roadway.

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    The towing company will provide the Rotation Coordinator with records regarding CHPD rotation tows as requested.

5. The towing company will not accept CHPD rotation tows that have obviously been given in error (unless advised by a dispatcher or officer that exigent circumstances exist).

Examples of calls which should not be accepted include such calls as:

    • a State Tax tow when the towing company is not State Tax approved;

    • a tow at a location that is outside of the approved rotation area;

    • a “hold for evidence” tow, which must be towed only by a City contract tow truck and stored at an approved City facility (unless dispatch advises that a contract towing company is not available or the investigating officer does not determine the need for a City contract towing company until after the arrival of the rotation tow truck, in which case such tows will be taken to an approved City facility as directed by the investigating officer and the towing company shall submit an invoice for said tow to the rotation coordinator within five

      • (5)


    • a tow requiring equipment that the towing company does not have (4x4 heavy duty, motorcycle);

    • or a regular tow when the towing company is only approved for heavy duty.

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    The towing company will note on the invoice at the tow site the description of any property that is removed from the vehicle, and the name of the person removing it.

NOTICE OF CONFIDENTIALITY: The contents of all Cottonwood Heights Police Department Policies & Procedures are confidential and for CHPD use only. The contents shall not be viewed by, or distributed by any method to, anyone outside the CHPD unless prior approval is given by the CHPD Chief of Police.

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