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Response Criteria and Times

If a towing company accepts a call and fails to show at the scene within twenty (20) minutes, the call will become void and another towing company shall be called. Three no-shows or failures to meet response times within any three- month period may result in suspension.

The towing company will be available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

The tow truck driver shall obey all traffic laws and drive in a courteous and professional manner when responding to rotation calls.

When requested by the CHPD to tow and/or store a vehicle, the tow truck will respond within the maximum twenty (20) minute time frame (except heavy duty) or shall explain the excessive response time in writing to the coordinator within five days.

The towing company will respond with its own equipment that is permanently marked as such and will not use other towing company equipment on a “temporary lease” basis.

Storage Yard Requirements and Procedure

Storage yards used by this towing company are now and will remain in compliance with all rotation requirements.

The towing company shall submit to unannounced semi-annual yard inspection by the CHPD during the course of the year for each yard used to store towed vehicles and must successfully pass said inspection to remain on rotation.

An office shall be located on the premises of each storage yard and such office shall be staffed and open for public business during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, except for designated state and federal holidays.

Each storage yard office shall have current rate schedules posted in a conspicuous place, large enough to be easily


Towing companies will meet the requirements of Utah law. The towing company shall provide a secure storage yard or building for the storage of vehicles and each storage yard shall be enclosed by a six (6) foot chain link or other similar fence that is topped with three strands of barbed wire or razor security wire and shall be kept in good repair. The storage yard will be alarmed and properly registered with CHPD.

A conspicuously placed, well-maintained sign that is in compliance with all applicable sign ordinances and the requirements of the State of Utah shall identify each storage yard. The sign shall include the business name, address, phone number, and hours of business.

Each storage yard shall maintain a hard-surfaced storage area so as not to track mud out of the lot.

Each storage yard shall be kept free from large weeds or other obstructions that would restrict reasonable access to all sides of the stored vehicles.

Each storage yard shall have lighting of sufficient brightness as to illuminate the entire storage yard sufficient to discourage theft.

Storage yards that experience problems with theft from towed or stored vehicles may be removed from the rotation.

NOTICE OF CONFIDENTIALITY: The contents of all Cottonwood Heights Police Department Policies & Procedures are confidential and for CHPD use only. The contents shall not be viewed by, or distributed by any method to, anyone outside the CHPD unless prior approval is given by the CHPD Chief of Police.

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