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Each storage yard shall have sufficient spacing between vehicles to allow opening of vehicle doors without interfering with other vehicles or objects.

Each storage yard shall provide compressed air and battery boosting capabilities at no additional cost.

Vehicles shall not be towed to a storage yard other than the appropriate approved storage yard or transferred from said yard without prior notification and approval of the rotation coordinator with the exception that any vehicle that qualifies for a State Tax sale (at least thirty (30) days old) may be transferred to another storage lot for purposes of the State Tax sale without any prior notice to the Rotation Coordinator providing that the date of said transfer and the yard transferred to is recorded on the original invoice.

The subject vehicle will be towed to an appropriate yard in the City unless an alternative yard is authorized by the Rotation Coordinator or his designee or unless the owner or operator of the vehicle requests that the vehicle be taken to another location in which case the request will be honored upon satisfying the lawful towing company requirements for payment for services.

All property removed from towed vehicles for “safekeeping” must be listed on the invoice that is to be received by the owner.

Access to and Release of Vehicle and/or Property

The towing company shall provide customer access to vehicles towed subject to a CHPD tow truck rotation call on a 24-hours, 7-days a week basis and the fee for after regular hours retrieval shall not exceed the declared fee.

Persons who can demonstrate an ownership interest in a vehicle-towed incident to a CHPD rotation call are allowed to enter the vehicle during normal business hours without additional cost and remove personal property not permanently attached (removable without causing damage or using a tool) to the vehicle upon signing a receipt for the property with the yard office.

An individual has ownership interest in a vehicle if the individual is listed as a registered owner or lessee of the vehicle, or has possession of the vehicle title. The person claiming the vehicle must show reliable picture identification as evidence of the ownership interest.

Each storage yard shall maintain a log of individuals who have been given access to vehicles for the purpose of removing personal property and such log shall show the name, vehicle, date, time, and receipt number.


A “Declaration of Rates for Service” form shall be properly completed and submitted to the Rotation Coordinator at the time of application and a new form shall be completed and received by the Rotation Coordinator 10 days prior to the effective date of any rate change.

UDOT may set maximum rates that;

  • 1.

    Tow truck motor carriers may charge for the towing of vehicles that are transported in response to:

    • a.

      A peace officer dispatch call;

    • b.

      A motor vehicle division call; and

    • c.

      Any other call where the owner of the vehicle has not consented to removal of this vehicle;

2. Impound yards may charge for the storage of vehicles stored as a result of one of the conditions listed above.

NOTICE OF CONFIDENTIALITY: The contents of all Cottonwood Heights Police Department Policies & Procedures are confidential and for CHPD use only. The contents shall not be viewed by, or distributed by any method to, anyone outside the CHPD unless prior approval is given by the CHPD Chief of Police.

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