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Maximum towing and storage rates will follow those set by UDOT. (UDOT Rule 909-19)


The towing company shall cause to be provided to the coordinator, evidence of required liability insurance providing protection of vehicles and any property contained in the vehicles while being towed and/or during storage, and shall maintain said coverage.

The towing company shall provide evidence of worker’s compensation insurance prior to rotation and shall maintain said coverage.

The towing company shall make every effort to resolve legitimate claims for damage or theft that are obviously related to the towing and or storage of the vehicle. The tow company will be responsible for thefts or damage sustained while in the custody or possession of the towing company.

Rotation Lists

A rotation classification of “Junk, Abandoned, or Code Enforcement” vehicles shall be called SCRAP VEHICLE ROTATION. Each company may apply for this rotation if they can demonstrate the ability to dispose of scrap vehicles. Some State Tax impounds may fall into this category.

State Tax Impound and regular rotation calls will be combined on the same rotation list. Each rotation tow company will be State Tax approved as outlined by DMV.

A towing company with an approved Heavy Duty (Class C or D) tow truck will be listed on the Heavy Duty rotation.

The registered owner of the vehicle lawfully is responsible for paying the towing, impound, and storage fees.

Towing, impound and storage fees are a possessory lien on the vehicle until paid.

A person may not request a transfer of title to an abandoned vehicle until at least thirty (30) days after notice has been sent as described above.

A tow truck motor carrier that has a county or municipal business license for a place of business located within that county or municipality may not be required to obtain another business license in order to perform a tow truck service in another county or municipality if there is not a business location in the other county or municipality.

A county or municipality may require an additional annual tow truck safety inspection if no fee is charged for the inspection; and the inspection complies with federal motor carrier safety regulations.

A tow truck shall be subject to only one additional annual safety inspection and the county or municipality that requires the additional inspection shall accept the same inspection performed for another county or municipality.


  • A.

    Each operator shall carry upon his person and display upon request:

    • -

      a valid Utah drivers license appropriate for the class of tow truck being operated,

    • -

      a valid Utah medical card as required by UDOT.

    • -

      a valid Utah tow truck driver NDCP certification as required in R909-19-9(1)(a).

NOTICE OF CONFIDENTIALITY: The contents of all Cottonwood Heights Police Department Policies & Procedures are confidential and for CHPD use only. The contents shall not be viewed by, or distributed by any method to, anyone outside the CHPD unless prior approval is given by the CHPD Chief of Police.

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