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14:Balmoral, Edinburgh and London. November 1857

On arriving in Britain, Sir George travels on immediately to Balmoral. The Queen graciously receives him and the respect she holds for him is obvious. She agrees to make her views on the subject of the HBC known to her Prime Minister, but bemoans the influence she actually has. Sir George leaves for London, breaking his journey in Edinburgh, where Andrew Patterson and his grandson, Jean-Paul, who is expected to graduate from Edinburgh University the following year, visit him. Sir George asks the young man if he would be interested in taking up a role in the HBC as assistant to the man who replaced his grandfather as local Governor at Lower Fort Garry. Both men are surprised by Jean-Paul’s lukewarm response. His grandfather is further embarrassed when Jean-Paul quizzes the Governor about how the Metis can secure better landholdings and protect their rights. When Sir George arrives in London, Sinclair informs him that a company interested in proposing a takeover has approached him. Sir George is dismissive. The elderly Governor addresses the Parliamentary Enquiry and reminds them of how HBC has provided two centuries of prosperity for the British Treasury and ensured a loyalty to the Crown throughout Canada. A few days later he calls a Board Meeting where he informs the members that the Government has decided to renew the franchise for a further 21 years and he now assumes that all talk of takeovers is at an end.   

15:Claiborne County, Mississippi. November 1857

The nineteen year-old Belle is being subjected to a rough form of sex with Adley Cobb. When it is over, he dismisses her from the bedroom of the house. As she is leaving, her father, who is tending the garden, sees the blank expression on her face. Later, at their small family home, he tries to talk gently to his daughter to find out what is wrong. At first she cannot talk, then she breaks down. The following day, Cobb is talking in the garden to Van-Bronke and some of his men, when Belle’s father walks up, carrying his spade as normal, as if to ask a question. He calmly strikes Cobb across the face and continues to reign down blows until he is overpowered. That evening Belle and her mother are crying uncontrollably as the bloodied and naked body of the father hangs from a tree.

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