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Commons, if the Government perceived there was a credible threat to the public, they may well be inclined to accept a separate political solution to defuse it. Finbar has a plan. Liam, after hearing the details is speechless. He also demands to be a part of it.

18:County Wicklow, Ireland. May 1858

Finbar travels to Ireland to discuss matters with O’Brien. The veteran rebel is of the opinion that even with American money, Stephens and his new Fenian movement do not have the ability to pose anything other than an irritation to the British. Finbar asks O’Brien if he knows how to contact Stephens. The meeting O’Brien arranges at a remote farmhouse is tense. Stephens is undecided about Finbar. On one hand he was  a turncoat, even a traitor, who effectively scuppered the ’48 rebellion by persuading the military kingpin, Mangan, to desert. On the other hand it was Finbar who helped him and O’Mahony escape. Stephens is an intelligent man, who if honest, and with the benefit of hindsight, now realised that Finbar had been right and the rebellion, even if Mangan had stayed on board, was always doomed to fail. Ten years ago Finbar had been a cocky upstart with ideas beyond his station. His reasoning was now impressive and he was certainly the best potential supporter the Fenians had in Westminster.

19:County Wicklow. May 1858

Finbar has accepted Stephens’s invitation to stay on for a few days. Both men have now cleared the air and made their peace. Finbar feels confident to outline his plan. He bluntly makes the point to Stephens that the Fenians, at present, carry no credibility with the British Government. What was required was one act: An act so outrageous and audacious, that the threat of more would bring the Government to the table, whereby the Home Rule faction in Westminster could then put forward a solution that would remove the danger immediately. Finbar’s plan was to kidnap Queen Victoria. Not to harm her or to hold her for any form of ransom, but to clinically prove what the Fenians were capable of. The Queen would then be released

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