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unharmed and without the public ever being aware of what had happened. The potential embarrassment, if the incident were made public, would be enough to bring down Palmerston’s Government. Therefore they could not retaliate in any way. Provided they did not feel that Isaac Butt’s Home Rule party had anything to do with the act, the political proposal that Finbar knew was to be presented when Parliament reconvened after the summer recess, would suddenly become attractive. Ireland would be given home rule. It would be a major step to full independence.

20:Liverpool. May 1858

Finbar debriefs Liam. Finbar was confident that he could put together a plan, but he was needed further down the line in Westminster, and therefore could not take part in the actual kidnap. Nothing Stephens had said instilled any confidence in Finbar. His concern was that if the Fenians fail, as he feared they would left to their own devices, than the opportunity was gone. Worse still, if the Queen was injured or killed, apart from the casualties resulting from the inevitable British backlash, it would put back the Irish cause by 50 years. Liam came forward with the solution. He would lead the kidnap gang. Finbar tried to talk him out of it but Liam was adamant. Stephens had told them to make contact with Michael O’Hare, the leader of the Fenians in the north of England. Finbar knew O’Hare, as he had been involved in 1848. O’Hare had already been instructed by Stephens to provide the six men, and arrange the arms and safe houses that Finbar’s plan required. Preparation was to commence immediately, as the kidnap needed to take place in late August, when the Queen was certain to be at Balmoral.

21:Balmoral, Scotland. August 1858

Finbar, Liam, O’Hare and the six other men are making the final preparations at a remote hunting lodge ten miles away from Balmoral Castle. Finbar had decided to remain as close to the operation for as long as possible. Liam was leading the four men that would actually make the kidnap. O’Hare and other two were to act as

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