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decoys as soon as the Queen was captured, leading the chase back to the lodge. In the meantime Liam was to head to the coast where a fishing boat was ready that would be used to take the Queen to a point around the northern coast of Scotland where she would be left, unharmed, in five days time. The day of the kidnap arrives and Liam’s party depart for Balmoral. Finbar has intended to leave and get as far away as possible, but after riding for an hour decides to return. As he gets within sight he sees O’Hare with a British army unit. He has betrayed them. At Balmoral, Liam and his men are already in position. A coach appears with the unmistakable figure of Victoria inside. The gang hold up the coach, but the figure is a model. The British soldiers, who have set an ambush, open fire. Liam’s men are killed outright. He is shot twice, in the chest, but somehow manages to escape.

22:Keiloch, Scotland. August 1858

Finbar cannot get close to Balmoral as it is swarming with troops searching for the one remaining member of the gang. That night he hears from a local that the gang’s leader has not been caught, but judging by the wounds he received, is presumed to be dead. Finbar has an idea where Liam might have made for, the fishing lodge on Sir Richard Scott’s estate that the men had used the previous year. He gets there the following morning and finds Liam alive but dangerously ill. Finbar seeks out the local doctor who he had met socially on his last visit. He brings the man at gunpoint to Liam, who is nursed through the next 24 hours. With Liam now just about able to travel, Finbar apologies to the doctor and hopes that he will allow them time to get away before raising the alarm.  

23:Edinburgh. August 1858

Andrew Patterson and his grandson are having breakfast. The newspapers are full with the story of Irish rebels trying to assassinate the Queen. Jean-Paul annoys his grandfather by defending their actions, putting them in the context of how the perpetrator’s native country has been brutally repressed for centuries. He gives the old

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