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man an unwanted history lecture and goes on to compare the plight of Ireland with the Metis. Patterson asks Jean-Paul if he has come to a decision. The young man thanks his grandfather, with sincerity, for being provided with such a good education. He cannot however take up the post with HBC. His heart is with his people and he has decided to use his knowledge to help them.  

24:Tressait, Scotland. August 1858

After two days of travelling, Liam can go no further. The men find refuge in a remote and deserted crofting cottage. En-route Finbar has managed to steal enough provisions for them to last a couple of weeks. By then, Liam has recovered but their problem is where to go. They assume a massive manhunt is under way and they have no contacts or back up to rely on. Finbar ventures into Pitlochry, the nearest village, and obtains a copy of The Times. Their fears are confirmed. A Member of Parliament and the son of a famous banking family are on the run for what has been described as an attempt to assassinate the Queen. A reward is offered for their capture. Finbar also notices an advertisement that has been placed further into the paper. It is for a shipping company that has just opened an office in Oban and is offering cargo freight between Scotland, Ireland and America. What attracts Finbar’s attention is the fact that the company has the same name as the village in which Finbar found Stephens and O’Mahony while they were on the run. The advertisement also makes a number of cryptic references to their eventual escape from Ireland. It could of course be a trap but they have no choice. They get to Oban where Stephens has indeed arranged for a boat to take them to Belfast. Stephens meets them and apologies for O’Hare’s treachery. Safe passage is available to New York where O’Mahony will help settle them. With nothing that can be salvaged out of the debacle the two men leave for America.


25:Red River. Dakota Territory. October 1858

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