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allowed to trade in Canada, the Metis were forced to survive on very low revenues. On returning home, Jean-Paul becomes friendly with Andre Desjarlais, the young Bishop of St Boniface Cathedral. As a child Jean-Paul had known Andre as the local priest. The men talk about the future. Jean-Paul is fearful of the long term. He knows that eventually the railway will arrive and with it a new wave of British settlers. He fears that the Metis will lose all of their lands in similar fashion to the natives in America. In the short term however, Jean-Paul feels there is an opportunity to be had with the arrival of a steamboat, opening up a new trading route to the south and into America.

27:Rochester NY. September 1859

Finbar and Liam settled well in New York. Finbar had managed to bring a reasonable amount of money to America with him and the two men set up Vessy & Blake, a business that employs Irish labour and hires it out to the many construction projects underway in the city. John O’Mahony has established the Fenian movement with a network of branches in the large northern cities. He does not particularly like Finbar but recognises that the Irish community deems him a hero for his actions. Finbar is more interested in using this notoriety to establish the business, aided by Liam’s commercial acumen and organisational skills. The men keep in with the Fenians, but at arms length, and on their terms. Elizabeth arrives from London with mixed emotion. On the surface she is angry with both men, but understands, and admires their motives. She is positive about starting a new life but repeats her advice to Liam about not getting involved with anymore of Finbar’s crazy stunts. Finbar immediately takes an interest in American politics and especially the Abolition Movement. As a young man in Dublin he had seen the famous former slave, Fredrick Douglas speak, and at an abolition rally in New York he makes a point of meeting Douglas. Despite fundamentally disagreeing how slavery can be abolished, both men enjoy debating the issue and continue to meet whenever they can. For Finbar and Liam a problem has arisen with Irish and Blacks fighting for the low paid jobs. Finbar visits Douglas at his home in Rochester to seek his help. Douglas carries huge influence within the black community and also publishes The North Star newspaper. He agrees to put out the

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