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message that there is more than enough work to go round. Douglas also takes Finbar into his confidence. John Brown, the most radical of the abolitionists is planning a slave rebellion. Finbar agrees with Douglas that it will fail, but on the other hand does not think that the mounting public abhorrence of slavery in the northern states will ever convince the southern states to abolish it.

28:Dakota Territory. October 1859

Despite frequent attacks by Indians, the steamship route to Canada has been established. In addition, the previous summer had seen a regular stagecoach begin to run from St Paul to Fort Emmet. More and more settlers were arriving and there was talk of a formal Dakota Territory being created. A Metis trading party, lead by the young lawyer, Jean-Paul Goulet, had been based in Fort Emmet for the summer months, developing business links with traders from St Paul and beyond. Mangan had become friendly with Jean-Paul and when the conversation turned to Ireland and the much talked about attack on Queen Victoria, Mangan impressed Jean-Paul by knowing the now infamous Finbar Blake. Mangan is worried about the increasing tensions with the Indians and had asked for the tribe chiefs to meet on neutral ground at Lake Traverse. Two of the three most powerful tribes were Sioux, (although Mangan always refers to them by the name they use, Lakota.) The third tribe was their traditional enemy the Chippewa. All three Chiefs, especially Little Crow, leader of the largest tribe, know and respect Mangan, who, as ever, refuses to make them any false assurances. The American Government was already late on payments due from the last treaty. He asked for peace to be maintained and promises them he will make their grievances known, and defend their position, when he was next to meet with Government representatives in the Spring.    

29:Claiborne County, Mississippi. November 1859

Belle has married Charles, another slave. As a child, Belle’s father, well educated for a slave, had taught his children to read and write, an act that was, in itself, illegal. The only advantage of being on Cobb’s domestic staff was that Belle could secretly

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