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31:New York. March 1860

James Stephens is visiting America and, with John O’Mahony, they meet with Finbar and Liam. Finbar and Liam are still angry over the breach in Fenian security at Balmoral. They also pick up on the tension between Stephens and O’Mahony. Stephens wants more money to be sent from America. O’Mahony feels the American-Irish want to see results for the money already contributed. Finbar stirs up the situation by repeating what he said in 1848. The odds will never be sufficiently against the British to enable a rebellion to succeed. If the French have not delivered what they have promised for over 200 years, they were never going to, and the British were not going to give Ireland her independence merely because the odd police station was being bombed. The British needed to be brought to the negotiating table from a position of weakness. Stephens and O’Mahony turn on Finbar, saying if he is so clever why doesn’t he come up with the answer. If reminds them that he did once but they screwed up.

32:St Paul, Minnesota. March 1860

Tom Mangan and Lieutenant John O’Neill are travelling to a meeting with the State Governor and their Cavalry superiors. Mangan is downbeat, saying that the game is up. New settlers will continue to pour west and he fears for the Indians. His view is that it will soon be time for him to move on. As always, when the men are together, the talk turns to their native Ireland. O’Neill says that he is considering returning home and putting his military experience behind the Fenians. He asks Mangan if he will join him. Mangan says maybe. At the meeting, Mangan’s fears are confirmed. He is instructed to protect the new settlers at all costs. The Indians must be stamped on before a full-scale uprising occurs. Mangan says that the only way to avoid that happening is to secure good land for the Indians and not renege on the terms of a treaty. He is told that with Dakota about to become a formal territory if he cannot maintain the peace then his command will be given to someone else. Civil War is becoming an increasing possibility in America and the Government does not want

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