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problems on the western frontier. Afterwards O’Neill again suggests that they leave and join the Fenian cause. Mangan asks O’Neill to stay with him until they can do no more, then they can move on together.

33:Lower Fort Garry. July 1860

Sir George Simpson is visiting the HBC trading post as part of his traditional summer tour. An elaborate occasion, the ‘Little Emperor,’ as he is known, travels around Canada in a 25 foot canoe, manned by Iroquois Voyageurs, proudly sporting the Scottish flag and complete with a travelling piper to herald his arrival. With the formalities over Sir George gets down to business with his local Governor, Alexander Sinclair. Sir George is concerned to have heard about the Metis using the new steamboat trade route to bypass the HBC. Sinclair says he cannot see what can be done to stop them. Sir George has other ideas and summons Jean-Paul to see him. The young man is served with a Court Order, issued in Montreal that allows the HBC to impose tariffs on any Metis trading across the US border. Sir George points out that the tariffs will be imposed on any trader thought to have imported or exported goods and if the debt is not paid, chattels and land will be confiscated. The HBC Governor is surprised when the young man calmly says he will appeal against the Court Order.  

34:New York. August 1860

Largely due to Liam’s organisational ability, the business has grown rapidly. Vessy & Blake now have offices in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Rochester, Chicago and Detroit. Both men are relatively wealthy. To Liam’s surprise Elizabeth fell pregnant within weeks of being in America. The christening of their son was a lavish society event. One of the guests is Frederick Douglas, with whom Finbar takes the opportunity to discuss the volatile American political situation. Abraham Lincoln has emerged as the Republican candidate in the forthcoming Presidential election. Douglas knows Lincoln quite well and feels it is ironic that the southern states are openly talking about leaving the Union because of Lincoln being anti-slavery. He says

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