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that Lincoln could not care less about slavery and the South is merely using it as an excuse to take the course of action they have wanted to for years. Later in the day, both worse for drink, Liam and Finbar have time to themselves and reflect on the last 12 years. Liam still feels that Finbar’s plan to kidnap the Queen would have worked. He has no regrets about becoming involved, but is obviously saddened that his family has disowned him. Both men are still passionate for an independent Ireland, not least because they could return home. They are both getting bored with their business. Liam asks if his friend can’t come up with another big idea. Finbar laughs and says he is working on it but has promised Elizabeth he will not let her husband become involved. He goes on to put the problems of the Irish into context when it is compared to that of black slaves in the South.

35:Upper & Lower Fort Garry. September 1860

Jean-Paul is about to leave for Montreal to mount a legal challenge to the HBC court order and meets with Bishop Desjarlais and Dolphis Nault. Jean-Paul and Nault have found mutual respect for each other. All three men now agree that a Metis rebellion would fail, but have all felt a much more militant attitude from their people. Nault fears that if Jean-Paul is unsuccessful in Montreal than violence will erupt regardless of what the two men think the outcome will be. News has just reached Lower Fort Garry that days after receiving the Prince of Wales during his state visit to Canada, Sir George Simpson died. At the HBC post, when he hears the news, Alexander Sinclair’s immediate reaction is to write to Edward Watkin, in London, asking him if they could meet in Montreal as soon as possible.        

36:Dakota Territory. September 1860

Indian attacks on the steamboat, stagecoach and settlers have been steadily increasing culminating in two entire families being massacred. Mangan calls the three Chiefs together at Lake Traverse and appeals for attacks to stop. Rising tensions have also brought the Sioux and Chippewa to the verge of going to war with each other. All

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