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Abraham Lincoln has been elected President, prompting, as most people expected, a Southern Confederacy to be created. The South chose to ignore Lincoln’s assurances that slavery would only remain illegal in the northern States. Frederick Douglas is visiting New York and as usual takes the opportunity to meet with Finbar. Both men are interested in the stance that Britain will take. Finbar feels that the Government will favour the Confederacy despite British public opinion being against slavery. He reasons that a divided America will present less of a threat.

39:Claiborne County, Mississippi. February 1861

It has been a tough year for Belle. Both her mother and sister have died of fever. Belle is still running her illegal school and also active in the ‘Underground Railway’, a network of slaves and abolitionists that help ‘Runaways.’ Her brother has matured into man capable of leading others. He talks to Belle about his plans to lead an uprising of slaves. The death of his mother seems to have made him more determined. Belle tries to talk him out of it. Apart from the obvious dangers, she feels it will not be necessary. She has heard that President Lincoln will bring the breakaway States back into the Union and they will have to abolish slavery. Sam does not agree with her. He thinks all Lincoln is interested in is keeping the Union intact and will either entice the Confederate States with assurances of retaining slavery or there will be a civil war. If there is a war, Sam is convinced that the South will win. He does, however, appear to have listened to his sister’s words of caution and agrees to wait a while longer and see what transpires.

40:St Paul, Minnesota. March 1861

Mangan and O’Neill are attending the ceremony formally creating the Dakota Territory. The neighbouring State of Minnesota has for a long time been anti-slavery, as are Mangan and O’Neill. Mangan upsets the dignitaries present by stating that their pious humanitarian position should be extended to the Indians. The Colonel has also been summoned to account why he did not carry out the orders to suppress

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