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financially. Finbar turns the conversation around to the HBC and Sedgemoor confirms Finbar’s theory that the HBC court case has been the Government’s way of paying back the Company for the time that Sir George had pulled a favour in with the Queen. Finbar manages to prise information from the Cabinet Minister that the Government will invoke their termination clause of the HBC franchise within a year. When Finbar returns to his office he has received a reply to his letter to Jim O’Sullivan, who has progressed to be editor of the St Louis Herald. As requested, O’Sullivan has given Finbar details of Tom Mangan’s whereabouts. In answer to another of Finbar’s queries, he thinks Mangan would be very responsive to becoming involved with the Fenian movement, but doubts that O’Mahony would want him. He finishes by saying he is sure that he can do Finbar the favour he has asked for and invites him to visit St Louis anytime. Finbar starts writing a letter to Mangan.

43:New York. June 1861

Finbar and Liam are attending a Fenian Convention at Tammany Hall. O’Mahony appears genuinely pleased to see them. The Fenians are now well established, with a hierarchy that consider themselves as a government in exile. O’Mahony is dismissive when Finbar mentions Mangan and O’Sullivan, branding them spineless traitors. A few days later Liam has arranged for Edward Watkin to meet with him and Finbar for dinner. Watkin tells them he is mounting a fresh takeover for HBC and asks if they want to invest. They elicit the fact that Andrew Sinclair is again involved and the plan is still to develop telegraph and railroad links. Liam says that, in principle, Vessy & Blake would be interested in investing but only if there were some assurance that the trading franchise would continue. The former banker points out that although the long-term plan was sound, cash flow needed to be maintained in order to avoid relying on excessive borrowing to build the telegraph and railway infrastructure. Watkins looks as if he has heard this argument several times before.

44:Long Island. September 1904

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