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Liam’s recollections have got to the point that he remembers the day after he and his old friend met with Watkin. At the break of dawn Finbar was knocking at his front door. He excitedly told Liam, and Elizabeth who had heard the commotion, that he now had the plan that would give Ireland independence immediately. Liam remembered listening first with interest, then astonishment. He remembered joking that it made the plan to kidnap the Queen rather tame by comparison. As he threw question after question, Finbar had an answer. Eventually Liam had to agree that the plan is ingenious, and could conceivably work.  Just as before, and despite his wife’s protests, he had no hesitation in agreeing to become involved. Finbar was at pains to point out to Elizabeth that her husband’s role was a damn sight safer than last time. Fifty years later Liam told himself, as he had done countless times over the years, he should have known there would have been a twist.


45:Claiborne County, Mississippi. July 1861

Sam has come to the conclusion that the Civil War was not going rid the South of slavery. He was in the later stages of planning the uprising when a flashpoint started it early. An old man on a neighbouring plantation received a beating for flagging in his work. Other slaves attacked and killed the two overseers. Violence spread quickly, encouraged by Sam and other ringleaders. By nightfall 20 whites, including two entire families, were dead. The estate owners had, by now, mustered their forces, along with the local militia. Within a day an equal number of blacks lay dead and the surviving ringleaders, including Sam, were rounded up. All slaves deemed to have taken any part received fifty lashes. All other men aged between fourteen to sixty received ten lashes. The punishment for the ringleaders was to be dragged by horses around the County, where they received a separate beating at each estate, in front of the slaves that had been roughly assembled to witness the event. Three died in the process. Sam was among the four survivors. They were hung and afterwards decapitated, their heads left on pikes alongside the main river station.      

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