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46:St Louis. July 1861

Finbar arrives in St Louis. On the train journey from New York he had witnessed the growing amount of chaos the war is causing. Eleven States had now joined the Confederacy and any Union hopes that their apparent military superiority would quickly bring the rebel States back in line had been dashed with a crushing defeat at the hands of ‘Stonewall’ Jackson at the Battle of Bull Run. Jim O’Sullivan meets Finbar at the station. He is delighted to see the man who had saved him from the disastourous Irish rebellion thirteen years ago. Finbar jokes that the money he gave O’Sullivan to get started in America should be put towards a good dinner.

47:Claiborne County, Mississippi. July 1861

Belle is nursing her husband’s wounds. Although he had taken no part in the insurrection, being married to a ringleader’s sister was sufficient to ensure he received the greater flogging. Belle has been forced to abort her school as everybody is now terrified to take part. Neither Belle nor Charles can take anymore and with nothing to keep her on the plantation she suggests they escape using the ‘Underground Railway,’ taking advantage of the current chaos. Within days they have made a plan to travel north. Belle has forged some crude papers that she will hope will allow them passage on a steamboat and has stolen a small amount of cash from Cobb’s house. They make their escape. Within days of discovering they have gone, Adley Cobb instructs Nat Weston, a well-known bounty hunter to capture them. Weston tells Cobb he has a pretty good idea where they will be heading.

48:St Louis. August 1861

O’Sullivan has insisted that Finbar come and stay with him and his family, meaning the men spend a lot of time together over the following week. Finbar asks O’Sullivan what he thinks of Lincoln. O’Sullivan has reported many of the President’s speeches and met him several times. Like Frederick Douglas, he thinks it is ironic for the South

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