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feels about his post, how impassioned he still is about an independent Ireland, and with Belle and the Civil War a recurring topic of conversation, his hatred of slavery. Unless the Civil War would achieve the abolishment of slavery in the South, Mangan could not care less about the Union. Mangan is keen to know what really happened at Balmoral and makes it clear that he would never have anything to do with the Fenian movement. He cannot understand why Finbar appears to be even contemplating becoming involved with them again. Finbar attends a meeting Mangan has called with the three Chiefs and is impressed with the respect they have for him. He also begins to understand the extent of the problem brewing on this frontier.

55:Fort Emmet. Dakota Territory. November 1861

Belle gratefully accepts the job Mangan has given her in the kitchens of the Fort. She has come out of the deep stages of shock but is very insular and easily scared. With Finbar away with Mangan, O’Neill is keeping a close eye on her. One evening she is at the small town, which has sprung up alongside the steamboat mooring, collecting provisions, when four drunken white trappers corner her. She has resigned herself to being raped when O’Neill turns up and roughly arrests the men. Although petrified, Belle begins to realise that the life that she has been accustomed to in Mississippi can be different.  

56:Fort Emmet. Dakota Territory. November 1861

Back from their trip to the western outposts, Finbar now feels it is time to outline his plan to Mangan. He wants to raise an army, invade Canada and trade it back to Britain in return for an independent Ireland. If the British will not accede, then the part of Canada occupied will become an overseas Irish Republic. Had the idea come from anybody but Finbar, Mangan would have laughed it out of court. Instead he listens to Finbar’s logic. The British are stretched militarily around the World. Mutinies and wars are continuing in India and China. A new force has emerged in Prussia and relationships with Russia are still raw following the Crimea War. The

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