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boat. Finbar goes to say goodbye to Belle, who surprises him by asking if she can go with him. The incident with the trappers has unsettled her. Finbar agrees. O’Neill smiles.

58:Gloucester, Massachusetts. November 1861

Prior to leaving for St Louis, Finbar had left Liam with a list of four names. Finbar felt confidant that Mangan would agree to join, but his plan called for another experienced military man to advise and coordinate the preparation in the northern States. By the time Liam arrived at the seafront house near to Boston, he was beginning to loose hope. The first target had died the month before. The second had recently re-joined the Union Army, and was in charge of a regiment in Virginia. Liam had thought he had found the right man when he met the third, only to conclude within twenty-four hours that he was in the first stages of madness. This left General Patrick Todd. Todd, now in his late 60s, was one of the most famous Generals in the American army. Dublin born, he had arrived in America as a young man and immediately became a soldier. Despite loosing an arm in the Mexican war, and upsetting many of his superiors with his abrasive manner, Todd had risen through the ranks to become a General. His offer to come out of retirement at the start of the Civil War had fallen on deaf years. He listens carefully as Liam outlines the plan. Todd’s passion for an independent Ireland had been left in his youth and he considered himself to be a patriotic American. Liam made the point that the Union could only benefit from their plan. Todd had been outraged at the apparent British backing for the Confederacy. He also obviously harboured a grudge that he had been written off by the Union as being too old. By now he has warmed to the Irishman and agrees to take part.

59:Upper Fort Garry. November 1861

The 500-mile journey down river is as uncomfortable as ever, but uneventful. Facilities on the boat are limited and passengers have to constantly disembark when shallow waters are to be negotiated. Several parties of Sioux and Chippewa

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