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and Aboriginal heritage. It has a remarkable effect on Belle, who has taken to wearing the traditional, brightly coloured, Metis costumes. She is also beginning to laugh and surprises Finbar by asking him to dance at a party. Jean-Paul and Finbar having found much in common, and sharing similar ideals, have struck up a friendship. With the extended celebrations over, Finbar meets with the three Metis leaders. He starts by drawing on the similarities between the Metis and the Irish. They agree with his forecast that when the railroads arrive, as they inevitably will, the incoming British settlers will squeeze the Metis people. Finbar already knows that Jean-Paul thinks their plight will be no different to the native Americans. Nothing so far has surprised Bishop Desjarlais, Nault or Jean-Paul until the Irishman comes to his proposed solution. He outlines his plan and asks that a Metis army is raised and join him. Negotiations with the British will then be two-fold: An independent Ireland and an Independent Metis homeland in the Canadian Mid-West. The alternative will be to unilaterally establish adjoining Metis and Irish Republics side by side in the Canadian Mid-West. Nault is immediately excited by the plan. The Bishop says nothing. Jean-Paul asks the obvious question. The Metis could, at best, raise an army of 3,000. To work, they will need a combined army of at least 15,000. Finbar is prepared. In addition to Mangan’s men, a fully equipped army is being recruited in the northern cities of America. Finbar waits for Jean-Paul to ask the question he knew would be next. The men are stunned by his reply.

62:Lower Fort Garry. January 1862

Finbar arrives by river sleigh at the Mid-West Headquarters of the Hudson Bay Company. Jean-Paul had confirmed to him that Governor Andrew Sinclair was in residence for the winter freeze. After announcing whom he is and whom he wants to see, Finbar is shown to the guest quarters and told the Governor will grant him an appointment in the morning. When they meet, Sinclair immediately asks why he should not arrest the Irishman and hand him over to the British authorities? Finbar speculates that the Hudson Bay Company has not survived for 200 years, nor has Simpson got to the post he has attained, by not listening to proposals. If Sinclair is interested he does not show it, but suggests that Finbar say what he has come to

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