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say. Finbar outlines his invasion plan. Sinclair says that he is sure the British will be interested to hear the details when he arrives into their custody. Finbar gets straight to the point. He wants the HBC to finance the operation. If they do, then part of the negotiations with the British will be a renewal of the HBC franchise, without the two-year notice clause. The British will not know of the HBC funding, the rational given will be that the Metis prefer to continue dealing with the company they have known for two centuries. Sinclair is trying not to show an interest. Finbar’s second argument wrong foots him. If the franchise is renewed it removes the main obstacle Watkin is experiencing in raising finance for their takeover. Perhaps they could even complete it before what is about to happen becomes public knowledge. Finbar is armed with figures based on the share price now and revalued with a new franchise. Sinclair takes a while to take everything in and eventually asks how can he trust the Irishman not to simply take the HBC money? Finbar replies, how can he trust him not to get word to the Board that their new Governor is planning to buy the company behind their backs?   

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