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65:Upper Fort Garry. January 1861

Finbar is only half surprised to see an excited Mangan waiting for him. For the last two months the Colonel had been working on the assumption that Finbar will get the Metis and HBC on board. He was eager to crack on with the plan and had travelled up to Canada with the mid-winter sleigh convoy. Mangan had already begun working with Jean-Paul and Dolphis Nault, who in turn were also confident Finbar would get the finance. Neither of the Metis men had a problem with Mangan taking overall command of the military operation. Nault would train and command the Metis regiment, and had already started recruiting.  Mangan had put together a detailed strategy, which he outlines to the other three men. Nault’s troops, reinforced by Mangan’s men if needed, would ride to the most western British outpost at Fort Parry, 1,000 miles to the east of Fort Garry. Mangan estimated that they would only encounter 500 British troops there and the fort would be easily taken. By June, two regiments, totalling at least 10,000 men would need to be in place along the southern shores of Lake Erie. Crossing across the narrowest stretch of water, at Buffalo, both these two wings of the army would meet the combined Mangan & Metis troops in southern Ontario and March towards Toronto. The British there would be outnumbered and undoubtedly call for reinforcements from their remaining garrison at Montreal. Although Montreal was crucially important to the British, they felt that attack could only come from the sea, which was always protected by a large naval fleet. While the Irish-Metis forces were securing Toronto, the third wing of the army, stationed in Boston on the pretence of being the spearhead force to embark on the decoy invasion of Canada, would move swiftly north and capture Montreal and the St Lawrence River. The British would be unable to ship in any reinforcements and the occupation of Ontario and Quebec would be complete.

66:Upper Fort Garry. February 1862

Happy with Mangan’s strategy, Finbar sends a letter to Liam giving him the go ahead to move his part of the plan to the next stage. Throughout the past month, Finbar has

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