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69:Buffalo, NY. May 1862

O’Neill has been dispatched to take command of the Lake Erie based Regiment. In New York, as soon as Liam’s recruitment drive made the plans to recruit an army public, John O’Mahony and the Fenian senate demanded to know what was going on. Liam, at first, would not tell them, but then appeared to relent, providing O’Mahony could provide an assurance that details of the plan would not get back to the British. Liam tells him that rumours emanating from a newspaper in St Louis that had been picked up by two other newspapers in New York and Chicago were a deliberate smokescreen. The outcry that a private investment company was building an army to profit from the escalating Civil War, and that emergency powers were needed, was just what Finbar and Liam had wanted to achieve. In secret, ships were being leased in Boston to take the army of 15,000 to their real target: Ireland. O’Mahony was livid when Liam disdainfully declined the offer of Fenian help. O’Neill has arrived in New York with Mangan’s orders. O’Neill, Liam and Todd visit the camps that have been established in St Albans, Vermont and Buffalo. 10,000 men are in place and judging by the lines still forming at Vessy & Blake offices, the remaining 5,000 will have been added by Mangan’s deadline of 1 July.

70:Upper Fort Garry. June 1862

The Union have stopped the Confederate advance at a bloody battle in Shiloh, Tennessee. Mangan’s view is that this is the turning point and the war has finally swung in favour of the Union. Jean-Paul, who has been monitoring events on a daily basis, is not so optimistic. Nault’s men are ready and the final consignment of arms has arrived. Mangan has received word from O’Neill that his troops will be ready to invade Southern Ontario, across the Niagara River, on 1 August. Confirmation has also been received from Todd that his regiment will be ready to cross the Canadian border into Quebec a week later. Mangan calls Finbar, Jean-Paul and Nault together. They are to leave in five days time.

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