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Ideation: your foundation for new product success


Bughin, Jacques, Michael Chui and Brad Johnson. “The next step in open innovation” McKinsey Quarterly, June 2008.

A recent article discussing the advantages and challenges of co-creating products with external partners. Among other topics, the article focuses on the technologies enabling these product development activities.

Cooper, Robert G. and Scott J Edgett. “Ideation for product innovation” PDMA Visions Magazine, March 2008.

An informative article based on a 2007 study, which had over 160 companies assess the effectiveness and popularity of 18 ideation methods. The resulting analysis presents a useful matrix plotting the effectiveness and popularity of these ideation methods.

Cooper, Robert G. Winning at New Products: Accelerating the Process From Idea to Launch.

One of the classic product development texts. It presents Robert Cooper’s Stage-Gate process, which has been adopted by innovative companies over the past two decades.

Jolly, Vijay K. Commercializing New Technologies: Getting from Mind to Market.

This book, focused on new technologies, lays out a end-to-end framework that differs from the strictly linear processes previously developed. The technology commercialization process presented by Professor Jolly advocates the use of five diverse sub-processes linked to each other by intermediate stages of stakeholder mobilization.

Skarzinski, Peter and Rowan Gibson. Innovation to the Core: A Blueprint for Transforming the Way Your Company Innovates.

Building on the ideas of strategist Gary Hamel, Innovation to the Core presents a holistic guide to instilling innovation into your corporate DNA. Particularly relevant to this month’s Insights, the authors not only advocate widening the innovation pipeline through ideation, but also stress the importance of enhancing the quality of ideas through focusing on themes and creating collisions of diverse insights.

About the Authors

Michael Lurie is Founder and CEO and Dan Zagursky is a Manager with Blue Mine Group in San Diego, CA. Blue Mine Group is a strategy firm specializing in new product development, venture management, and corporate innovation.

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