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Maine EBT Standards Document

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Business Rules for Transaction Sets:  Below are the business rules that correspond to each electronic transaction.

 Account Administration

Enrolling a Customer:  The general rule is one request for enrollment for one T&D account and one billing option per T&D account. The enrollment will be made to coincide with the Customer’s normal cycle meter-read date.  A customer move into the standard offer is not considered an enrollment.

The CES notifies the T&D to enroll a Customer.  A CES must transmit the enrollment transaction no less than two business days prior to the scheduled cycle meter-read date or the enrollment will be processed effective in the next enrollment period.  The T&D confirms the successful enrollment.

Historical Data: The T&D will provide twelve months of a Customer’s historical usage data to a CES upon enrollment if requested.  The CES is responsible for obtaining and maintaining the appropriate customer authorization in accordance with MPUC rules.  If there is less than twelve month’s historical usage data available for that customer, the T&D will provide the historical usage data that is available.  .

Multiple Enrollments: In the vast majority of cases, it is anticipated that a Customer will select a CES, the CES will allow any Customer right of rescission period to lapse, and will enroll the Customer with the T&D, as outlined above.  It is foreseeable, however, that there may be cases where the Customer selects more than one CES and that those CESs will attempt to enroll the same Customer during the same enrollment period. The T&D has no clear way of determining Customer selection and which CES enrollment transaction to process. The first valid and accepted enrollment transaction during the enrollment period will preclude acceptance of any other enrollment during that period.  

This rule would be implemented as follows:  The enrollment period commences two business days prior to the Customer’s scheduled cycle meter-read date and ends two business days prior to the Customer’s next scheduled cycle meter-read date. The T&D processes the first valid and accepted enrollment transaction received from a CES during the enrollment period.  Once an enrollment is in force for that enrollment period, any other enrollment transaction for that Customer during the same enrollment period will

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