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Maine EBT Standards Document

T&D Changing Customer Account Information: The T&D may also send the CES a Change transaction for a specific T&D account to update customer information. (e.g. meter change or budget billing)  The T&D will provide the reason for change and may send all or just the changed data.

Notification of a  Successful Enrollment:  The T&D notifies the CES that the requested Enrollment was successful by sending a notification back to the CES.  This notification will include the projected effective date and meter or rate information if needed.

Customer Switching CES:  When a Customer changes CES, it is only necessary for the new CES to send an Enrollment transaction; if successful, a Successful Enrollment transaction is returned to the new CES and a Customer Drops Supplier transaction is sent to the old CES.  The Customer does not need to be concerned about dropping the old CES.  

Customer Movement: A Customer normally will contact a T&D customer service representative when they are moving.   If the Customer is moving within the service territory, then the customer service representative will initiate action that will result in continuation of service with the same CES at the new address, (referred to as a seamless move), unless the Customer indicates that they wish to return to Standard Offer.

The seamless move allows the Customer to stay enrolled with the same CES at the new address and is possible when the following conditions are met:  

the new account will be on the same Supplier rate,

the customer contacts the T&D at least two business days prior to the move,

the customer knows where they are going (T&D account),

there is no break in service (concurrent service will be allowed)

the meter at the new location must support the supplier rate code.

Any break in service will final the CES relationship and require a new enrollment.

Error Handling Transaction: If an Enrollment, Change or CES Drops Customer transaction is rejected by the T&D, an error transaction will be returned to the CES

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