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Maine EBT Standards Document


A CES finds anerror in a Usage, Usage and Billing or a Payment/Payment Correction transactions:  If the T&D sent an Usage /Usage Billing or Payment/Payment Correction transactionwith a  data error problem and cannot be processed, then the CES will send an Error Response transaction to the T&D Utility, referencing the original transaction and the reason the transaction cannot be processed.

E-mail Settlement Transaction

Settlement:  The Aggregate Load Estimate record will be sent electronically to those CESs that request it.  As the daily load estimate information is made available to ISO New England, it will be sent to those CESs in the same format.  The daily load settlement data can be provided in a different format based on the service agreement.

Transaction Conclusion

These business rules are intended to resolve most questions about the business relationships in Maine’s deregulated marketplace.  However, there are many unusual and irregular situations that will occur in the normal course of business (e.g. administrative account changes).  While these situations are extraordinary, they are nonetheless important. For example, a T&D’s administrative change may have the effect of final billing a Customer with its CES.  In many of these cases, the rules do not apply directly. The Working Group makes the explicit assumption that the necessary communication between the Customer and the T&D will be extended to the CES, making the three parties aware of the appropriate actions that must be taken. Further, given that the proper communication between the parties has taken place, the Working Group feels confident that the transaction sets will be sufficient to accommodate these anomalies.  As was recognized in the Introduction, work must continue on these standards as the marketplace evolves and as the parties gain experience.

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