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Maine EBT Standards Document

Validated billing and usage transactions will be transmitted to CESs by the next business day following the corresponding T&D processing cycle.

T&D output transactions should be ready for CES processing each business day, at a time specified in the service agreement.

Refer to the Enrollment Period Timeline in Section VI, for a description of the customer enrollment process.

File Handling:  The operational guidelines pertaining to file handling are based on the business rules defined elsewhere in this document concerning transaction standards and data transmission.  It should be considered that changes to those business rules could impact file handling.

The T&D will attempt to process all files sent by the CES unless specific action is taken by the CES to avert processing (i.e., delete files, replace files).  Refer to the Error Handling section for additional information.

The recipient of a file (CES or T&D) is responsible for reviewing and editing file contents to prevent adverse impact on the recipient’s operations or systems (data errors, duplicate files, illogical conditions, etc.).  The recipient of a file has the right to reject the file in whole or in part due to content or protocol errors.   In the event that a file is rejected, the detail transactions will not be processed.

The creator of a file is responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the contents.

All data exchanges will be done in a pre-established manner to ensure data security and integrity (refer to “Electronic Transmission” section).

Each file will have one recipient, and should contain transactions intended only for that recipient.  A file may contain multiple transactions of the same or different type for the same customer account.

Files will be processed by the recipient according to the recipient’s operating schedule.  The T&D will sweep the input queue at least once each business day and will process all files that are available by the cut-off and up to the time of the last sweep.

Files will be processed in chronological order.  To ensure accurate and consistent posting of individual transactions, the T&D will validate them in physical sequence as presented on the input files.  Errors and confirmations (e.g., Successful Enrollments) will be returned to the CES no later than the first business day following the processing of the transactions by the T&D.

Daily transaction exchange between the CES and the T&D will generally not be limited in terms of the total number of files or transactions processed on a daily basis.  

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