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Maine EBT Standards Document

IX.  Supplier Testing:

Introduction:  Prior to providing power supply service to any Customer, a CES and SOP must demonstrate its capability to electronically send (receive) data to (from) each T&D in whose service area it intends to offer competitive services.  Successful testing of all transactions must be completed prior to the first enrollment transaction being submitted to the T&D.

Successful testing of the Historical Usage transaction can be completed to allow a CEP to get customer historical usage information without testing all other transactions.

The purpose of the ME-EBT Test Plan is to provide a standardized set of test conditions that CESs, SOPs and T&Ds will use to verify their customer transactions and EDI interface.  The detailed test plan is contained in Appendix D.

The purpose of the testing is to verify that the CES is capable of complying with the data transfer standards specified in this document and has the necessary software and hardware required to send, receive, and translate the standard transactions required to do business in the market.  

The test plan is not intended to exercise every conceivable transaction condition, but it will cover the most common scenarios and enough error conditions to demonstrate basic error handling.  The test plan cannot anticipate limitations that exist within trading partners’ systems, so trading partners may agree to perform additional testing or to add/modify transactions in order to cover special conditions.  The test plan is not a substitute for internal testing of trading partners’ systems.  Each trading partner should conduct thorough testing of their internal systems to ensure that all transaction processing is accurate.

EBT Testing Procedure: This procedure provides CESs and T&Ds with a guide to initiating and successfully completing the ME-EBT Test Plan.  This procedure will be followed by each T&D with which the CES wants to test and/or enroll customers.  Successful completion of the test plan (Appendix D) is required before the T&D will accept enrollment transactions from the CES.


The CES representative (either the Business Contact or Technical Contact) must contact the person identified as the Business Contact for the T&D with which testing is to be conducted.  This contact must be made at least two weeks before test files are transmitted to the T&D.  The two week lead time is so the CES and the T&D can work together to establish the following:

Gain an understanding of the Test Plan conditions and requirements. (Appendix D)

Perform tests on  rates and pricing structures in the T&D test system.

Perform tests on mailboxes and passwords or alternate method of file exchange.

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