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Maine EBT Standards Document

Identify and agree on any specific test data needed for utility-specific conditions.

Set a schedule for transmitting test data and conducting the tests.


CES will transmit test files in EDI format (see ME-EBT EDI Implementation Guide, Appendix C) according to the schedule.  CES notifies the T&D Business Contact when files have been transmitted.  The T&D Business Contact or Technical Contact will provide prompt notification of any problems encountered with the input files.


The T&D will process CES input files and send result files according to the schedule.  CES should process each file through its test record keeping system according to the test schedule and promptly notify the T&D Business Contact of any problems.


The Business Contact and Technical Contact for each party will review the results of their individual test system processing cycles.  This review will ensure 1) that test results are consistent with internal requirements, 2) that the intent of the ME-EBT Test Plan is fulfilled, and 3) that any deviations from the expected results are legitimate and do not jeopardize the quality of the test.


The test is considered to be completed successfully when the Business and Technical Contacts for both the CES and T&D sign off on the test results.  The test can be rescheduled and rerun as necessary to provide the reviewers with the confidence to sign off.

Test Completion: The test utilizes transactions from the standard transaction sets described in appendix D and verification of 100% error free transmission, receipt, and translation of the data by both CES and T&D is required. Upon successful completion of the test, (and any other registration requirements) the T&D will activate the CES on their production business system.

Updates to Test Standards:  The details of the test procedures, data scenarios and transactions may vary over time.  The version in effect when this report was issued is presented in Appendix D,  ME-EBT Test Plan.  

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