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Maine EBT Standards Document

X. Work Group Process Continuation:

Introduction:  The ME-EBT Working Group has produced this document to facilitate Electronic Business Transactions necessary to support Customer Choice in Maine.   Additionally, standards and technologies are being proposed and adopted, in other states, both regionally and nationally, that merit observation and possible adoption.

For these reasons, and others, the ME-EBT Working Group urges the MPUC to recognize that a continuing effort is required to develop these EBT Standards and keep them current.  Its composition can remain open to the T&Ds, the CESs, and new entrants to the market (e.g. Customers, Aggregators).  They can also help resolve some issues that may emerge in the future:

Integrate ideas from new members into the standards.

Coordinate timing for changes in any of the protocols.

Continue to train the “old” Suppliers when changes to the protocol are made.

Revisit the use of the Internet as a transmission solution.

The Working Group will meet on a regular basis, unless modifications to Maine’s Rules warrant more frequent meetings.  New chairperson(s) will be chosen every year.  Every T&D and licensed CES in Maine will be members of the Working Group and will be able to participate in the change process. This is important for the market to move forward, and to maintain viable regional standards and follow as possible the UIG national standards adopted by the Working Group.  

Change Control Process:  The ME-EBT Working Group will use this change control process to improve the efficiency and order of changes to the EBT document.

It is understood that change control is vital in order to allow the market to function successfully on a daily basis.  Each CES and T&D will rely on established, documented and tested transactions, yet must have a process by which to modify, test and implement changes in an efficient, effective, timely, and well-coordinated manner. This section of the EBT document provides the process by which changes to the standard transactions may be discussed, reviewed, accepted and implemented.

The ME-EBT Working Group, in conjunction with the Maine Public Utilities Commission, will maintain, publish, and post the standards and the ongoing modifications/enhancements to these standards to a central web site, and linked to T&D web sites.  Because all T&Ds and CESs will be members of the Working Group, the designated contacts of each CES and T&D will be notified of anticipated modifications or enhancements to the standards and of anticipated timing.

In order for such a process to work, the following are in place:


A Maine EBT working group has been formed.


Regular work group meetings are being held to discuss the desired changes and any issues that arise from initial implementation.

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