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Maine EBT Standards Document

Estimation:  A formula used to determine the kWh consumption and meter reading in the event an actual reading cannot be obtained.  This formula varies by T&D utility.

Proration: A formula used to determine the average daily kWh consumption or cost over a defined period of time.  Allows usage to be calculated for a date between valid meter readings.

Rate Code – CES: The code that identifies the price and structure used to bill the customer(s).

Rate Price – CES: The monetary component(s) of a specific rate code.

Separate (Dual) Billing:  The T&D sends the Customer a bill for only the T&D related charges, and the Competitive Electricity Supplier sends the Customer a separate bill for the energy charges and any other services it has provided.

Service:  Refers to a type of service on a T&D account, can be meters and/or rates.

Service Agreement:  A set of terms and conditions between CESs and T&Ds to define operational, system and other issues specific to that T&D.

Standard Offer Service Provider (SOP):  (per Maine Statute) The successful CES bidders responsible for electric generation service provided to any electricity consumer who does not obtain electric generation service from a CES or who has terminated service with a CES.

T&D Utility Consolidated Billing:  The T&D sends one bill to the customer that includes both the T&D related charges and the Competitive Electricity Supplier energy charges.

Terms and Conditions (T&Cs): When Terms and Conditions (capital letters) is referenced, it means MPUC regulated and approved tariffs for that T&D.

Trading Partner:  Term used for companies transmitting transactions electronically to each other, common term for EDI industry.

Transmission & Distribution Utility (T&D):  (per Maine Statute)  A person, its lessees, trustees, receivers or trustees appointed by a court, owning, controlling, operating or managing a transmission and distribution plant for compensation within the state.  In other jurisdictions, is referred to UDC (Utility Distribution Company), LDC (Local Distribution Company) and Distribution Company.

Utility Industry Group (UIG):  A national group of stakeholders, meeting to establish standards for EDI transactions.

Value Added Network (VAN): A commercial network which enables the electronic exchange of information between trading partners.

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